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All children benefit from having regular checkups with their pediatrician to ensure they're growing and developing as they should. By scheduling routine examinations at Village Pediatric Group in Tuckahoe, New York, you're safeguarding your child’s future and giving yourself peace of mind. Find out more about the expert child health services available by calling Village Pediatric Group or schedule a consultation today using the online booking tool.

Routine Examinations Q & A

What are routine examinations?

Routine examinations are visits to your child's pediatrician that take place regularly as your child develops.

After your baby is born, they have frequent routine examinations to check their health during the early months of life. Because babies and young children are growing and developing so rapidly, you need to attend routine examinations at Village Pediatric Group quite often.

As your child gets older, they won't need to attend such frequent routine examinations. It's still vital that your child sees their pediatrician regularly, though, to ensure their optimal health and development.

During a routine examination, your pediatrician can also give you information and advice about the many issues involved with raising a child, from sleeping and eating problems to safety and behavioral issues.

How often does my child need a routine examination?

The frequency at which your child needs to visit Village Pediatric Group can vary according to individual circumstances or concerns. For example, a premature baby or one that required medical attention after their birth might need to visit more often.

For the average, healthy baby, a routine examination should take place when they're one month old and again at two months. Providing all is well, your child's schedule for routine examinations is likely to be:

  • Four months
  • Six months
  • Nine months
  • 12 months
  • 15 months
  • 18 months
  • Two years
  • Two and a half years
  • Three years

After the age of three, your child should have routine annual examinations until they reach the age of 21.

If you have any worries about your child's physical or psychological health or development in between your scheduled routine examinations, you can contact your provider at Village Pediatric Group at any time.

What does a routine examination involve?

Each routine examination can vary depending on any particular needs of your child. For example, they might need to undergo specific tests or screenings if they're at risk of certain conditions.

Routine examinations generally include a physical exam. Your child's pediatrician checks your child's growth and development to make sure they're reaching their milestones.

Other standards tests like hearing and vision form part of routine examinations. Your child's pediatrician is also looking for signs of health problems or nutritional deficiencies. If they have any concerns, they arrange for further tests.

To find out more about the benefits of routine examinations for your child, call Village Pediatric Group today or book an appointment online.