Vaccinations in Tuckahoe, NY

At Village Pediatric Group in Tuckahoe, NY, we proudly offer all needed childhood vaccinations. The internet is awash with so-called anti-vaxxers, people armed with “information” based on bad science who are leading a crusade against vaccinations. The truth is, though, that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends vaccinations due to their potentially life-saving properties. Vaccines are safe, with generally mild side effects such as redness or tenderness at the injection site. Comprehensive, well-documented studies have produced no links between vaccinations and autism.

Vaccines can confer immunity against dreaded and potentially fatal illnesses not only for your child, but through a phenomenon known as “herd immunity,” also for those who are too young or too ill to become vaccinated themselves. Like smallpox worldwide and polio in the United States, vaccine-preventable illnesses can even be eradicated through widespread immunization programs.

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