School/Camp Physicals

Thankfully, camp and school physicals are no longer “cattle calls,” pushing through 60 kids an hour in a school gym. Today, Village Pediatric Group offers these targeted examinations in our office in Tuckahoe, NY. A typical camp or school physical focuses on the child’s overall fitness. In addition to a quick standard checkup, we will assess the child’s heart and lung capacity, document her height and weight, and note the flexibility and strength of her joints. If we find any issues or need to recommend any activity restrictions, we will note those on the forms to be turned in to the administrators.

We are happy to provide these physicals as a service to our patients, but please sign up as early as possible. As you can imagine, back-to-school and the beginning of summer vacation are very busy times for our office.

Call 914-771-7070 to schedule your appointment.