Our Pediatric Care Services

Our comfortable office environment allows you to relax as we take care of your child’s needs. Whether your child simply needs a check-up or has specific concerns or questions, we are here to help! Our pediatric doctors offer a wide range of services including:

These visits are critical to preventive health care. Checkups include patient history reviews, physical examinations, immunizations/vaccines updates, and growth/development assessments. The frequency of these visits varies with the age of the child. By regularly scheduling appointments with us, we can identify any potential concerns early, enabling us to prevent serious problems.
These visits are scheduled to ascertain the cause of and treat a specific problem such as an earache, sore throat, fever, vomiting/diarrhea.
Vaccines contain germs or parts of germs that cause diseases. The germs in vaccines are in a killed or weakened form so that they don’t make you sick. Vaccines stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies that would otherwise be created only if you had first been exposed to the disease. The presence of these disease-specific antibodies makes you immune to getting the disease. Vaccines are recommended by the CDC as they are a powerful form of disease prevention.

Learn more about vaccinations in Tuckahoe.

Many school activities or camp programs require a physical checkup and a form to be completed and signed by a doctor.  We are happy to provide this service for our patients.

Learn more about our school camp physicals.

We have a registered lactation consultant available to help new mothers gain skill and confidence breast-feeding their newborns.
Learn more about our lactation consults.
Adolescents experience many physical, emotional and social changes.  Getting regular check-ups and addressing any concerns or questions can help ensure total wellness during this transitional stage of development.
We understand that choosing a doctor for your child is an important decision.  We are happy to meet with you so that you can learn about our practice and experience our caring environment first-hand.

We recognize the need for different types of information and care as your child grows.  Some of the needs specific to different developmental stages are as follows:

Infant (0-12 months): Bathing/Skin Care, Breastfeeding, Crying & Colic, Diapers & Clothing, Feeding & Nutrition, Sleep, Teething/Tooth Care

Toddler (1-3 Years): Fitness, Nutrition, Toilet Training

Preschool (3-5 Years): Fitness, Nutrition

Gradeschool (5-12 Years): Fitness, Nutrition, Puberty, School

Adolescent (12-18 Years): Fitness, Nutrition, Dating & Sex, Safety, School, Substance Abuse, Gynecology, Stress Management