We've renovated our office!

Patient care is our priority at Village Pediatric Group, we have renovated location and are looking forward to your visit! With a new and improved space, high tech equipment and fresh look, we offer the ultimate patient experience. Here are some things to look forward to upon your next visit!

We’ve updated all our equipment to the latest and greatest including equipment for vitals & scales, new testing equipment and equipment to make your doctor’s visit more comfortable. 

Our Seca scales are a new, fully integrated vitals system. They are a quick and easy way to check your vitals! We’ve also added a new Seca scale for adults & babies that is a fully automated ultrasonic method to measure height & weight in our patients! We want to make your experience as simple and accurate as possible. 

We want to be able to offer our patients everything they need in one place, so we’re also offering new, advanced in-office testing with high tech equipment as part of our patient care! These new in office tests include the following: 

These new in-office tests make it easy for us to provide all your necessary services, making our practice the best it can be for your family. 

Not only has our technology and services improved for your convenience, we’ve also made our offices more comfortable for your visit. We know that times are uncertain and we want to protect our patients and make them feel safe at our location. Now featured in our exam rooms are air purifiers, and each room has its own high quality air purifier  to ensure that the air you breathe is clean. Also for our patients’ safety, we will be doing direct room sterilization after any at risk exams, such as patients who may have been exposed or at risk of COVID-19. We want to take all precautionary measures to protect our patients and for that reason we will also be providing disinfectants, and all physicians will be wearing proper PPE equipment throughout this crisis. 

Finally, our last and probably most favorite update is our new reception area! We’ve added bright new fun colors that make your trip to our practice more enjoyable. 

All these updates were made while keeping our patients in mind, prioritizing their experience, comfort & safety with our practice. We look forward to having you come visit us soon!

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